Hot Topics




Our upcoming Preaching Series is called Hot Topics and instead of us coming up with the questions we want the questions to come from you.

We’d love for you to ask tough questions you have about God, life and the context you live in. Once you’ve submitted your questions we’re going to ask you to vote for the ones that you’d love to hear answered and we’ll spend our Term 3 Preaching series going through them one by one.

What questions do you get asked by your friends and family? What questions are you wrestling through about God or the world around us?


Votes have been tallied and speakers assigned. We had 137 votes and great response from all demographics. We’ve also decided to extend beyond the original 10 topics as we see value in the extra ones.

Note that a couple of weeks we will have different topics morning and night, these were reflected from the votes (20 Aug & 3 Sep).

All 3 homosexuality questions made it into the top 10 and instead of doing them over 3 separate weeks we are going to gather for a ‘Sent Church’ on 17 September on homosexuality with different break out sessions to address the questions.

Thank you so much for engaging with this series, please pray for this series that it would be pleasing to God and profitable for us.

23 July – Angels, Demons & Satan – Travis Mundy – What does the Bible teach about Angels, Demons and Satan their power and their influence?

30 July – Women Leadership – Leon Stead – When it comes to women preaching and eldership, What is the view held by our leadership? How is this view informed?

6 August – End Times – Travis Mundy – What do we make of end times in the Bible? – Heaven/Hell, Revelation, 2nd coming, rapture, millennium.

13 Aug – Suffering – Kit Barker – How does a good and all powerful God allow suffering?

20 Aug (9/11am) – False Teachers – Leon Stead – Who are the false teachers the Bible warns us about today and how do we discern?

20 Aug (6pm) – Acts Church vs Today – James Dawson – Why doesn’t the church today look like the church in the book of Acts?

27 Aug – Killing & Old Testament God – Damien Whitington – How do we reconcile the commandment not to kill with times in the Bible when God Himself seems to either allow it or even cause it?

3 Sep – A Deaf God – Kit Barker – Many of us have been victims of injustice, abuse or extremely traumatic life events. It feels like our fervent prayers fall on deaf ears. Where is God?

10 Sep – Supernatural Gifts – Daniel Leach – Is what God says about supernatural gifts in Corinthians & Acts to be taken literally? E.g. tongues, prophecy, healing

17 Sep – Homosexuality (Sent Church) – Leon Stead & Daniel Leach

24 Sep – Predestination – Travis Mundy – How can we reconcile predestination in our own minds? Especially when evangelising to and praying for others’ salvation? How can we explain it to others?

1 Oct – Need for Jesus – Travis Mundy – How do we offer Jesus to people that don’t need him?